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Mental health services Phoenix & Recovery and wellness center Phoeni
Recovery and wellness center Phoenix & Mental health services

We treat with care and love

We are one of the best behavioral health centers in town, with certified and qualified doctors serving the community.

Emergency Services

We deliver life-saving emergency service at our center.


Our center provides expert consultation for optimal patient care.

Qualified Doctors

Highly qualified doctors ensures top-notch medical expertise and care at our center .

Modern Technology

Modern technology empowers advanced care and better patient outcomes at our center.


Healing on your terms: Bridging the gap to wellness with personalized care

Behavioral Health Services

Discover compassionate, evidence-based services at our center by Psychiatric Certified Nurse Practitioner

Counseling Services

Empowering minds: Offering individual and group therapy sessions

Case Management

Helping patients with social determinants of health (SDOH) needs

Substance Use Treatment

Delivering top-tier substance use treatment services for lasting wellness

Medication Assisted Treatment

The outpatient detox with medication-assisted treatment program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Providing 5-days and 3-days week program

Holistic Living Program

Find healing and support in your daily life with yoga and art therapy

Tele Health Services

Empowering minds: Exceptional Telehealth services for convenient and comprehensive care

Court Order Treatment

Providing group therapy, individual therapy, IOP, Case management as required by court

Why Choose us

We are one of the best health centers in town, with certified and qualified doctors serving the community.

  • Emergency Services

    Timely and life saving care, when every second counts.

  • Patient-Centered

    Putting your needs first! Your health journey is our priority.

  • Qualified Doctors

    Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Healing Edge Recovery and Wellness Center
  • Innovation in Mental Health

    Advanced therapies and treatment options for breakthrough results.

  • Compassionate Approach

    A supportive environment promoting healing and hope.

  • Expertise For Mental Wellness

    Comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs.